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Professional Movers in Nanaimo

Are you shifting residence to or from Nanaimo? Do you need professional movers to move your belongings? Contact Clarke’s Household Moving for top-notch service at affordable prices.


“The Harbour City” is an endearing name for Nanaimo, an important site on Vancouver Island’s waterways. Nanaimo hosts the region’s main ferry terminal, from where people and containers travel to Vancouver, Comox Valley, Protection Island, Campbell River, Newcastle Island and other surrounding destinations. It is also connected via three main highways and has three airports.

The little over 83,000 inhabitants of the area enjoy mild weather patterns made of pleasant summers (though dry) and mild winters. Nanaimo is currently a hub of steady technological growth with the rise of several projects, including the government’s Innovation Island. Apart from retail and services, tourism is a major industry here.

Nanaimo’s indigenous heritage gives it a unique identity. Fascinating facts about Nanaimo include Canada’s oldest continuous community band being based here, the first bridge dedicated solely to bungee jumping and more.


Choose Clarke’s Household Moving

If you are moving to or from Nanaimo, Clarke’s Household Moving is the right choice for you.

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No matter where you’re going, we can move you safely and on time.

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